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Yacht Master II

The Rolex Yacht-Master II is definitely one of the most sought after watches and a clear status symbol. This is a watch that will normally cost in the range of 30k, placing it out of the range of most regular people. Rolex is the brand owner of the Rolex Yatch Master original. It was the first watch to have the ability to self-adjust time and date. 

Sinceit was first introduced in 1992, it has greatly risen in status, gaining endorsements from the likes of Roger Federe, the Swiss /professional Tennis Champion. It is highly advertised, thus gaining labels like, The official time keeper of the Wilberdon.’ The watch is associated with sports and elegance. This is mainly due to its classy appearance and rugged look. It is publicized as the ideal watch for stylish and classy adventurers and world explorers. 

It is for this reason that the Rolex Yacht-Master II replica became an instant hit when it was introduced to the market. People who would not normally go shopping for the original product suddenly found themselves with a cheaper choice that still maintained the look of the original. 

The fake Rolex Yacht-Master II is made in such a way that it perfectly matches the dimensions and the weight of the original watch. It is therefore quite hard to differentiate between the original and the imitation. It also comes with many of the qualities found in the original product. The first of these is the scratch tolerance and force proof quality. This is made possible by the Sapphire crystal. This means that you can have your watch on while engaging in daily and possibly rigorous activities. 

Other qualities include the continuous sweeping movement of the second hand, the engravings and carvings of the casing, and the engraving of the serial number in the lugs. Their level of water resistance is 33ft deep. Although they have the ability to withstand contact with water, it is advisable to keep them dry whenever possible. They also come with the green hologram found in the original watches. 

The reason why this watch fits well with sports is that it has a function that can help in setting programmable time. This can be quite helpful for racing athletes. The Bezel functionality which operates independent of the main watch mechanism makes this possible. 

The Oyster bracelet is one of the definitive parts of the watch due to its glittery appearance. It helps clasp the watch firmly in one’s hand. It also has gold and platinum plating further increasing its exquisiteness. 

The watch also has a feature that is made uniquely for the Rolex brand. This is the invisible Rolex Crown. The crown is not entirely visible. When the case is twisted a bit under the right lighting conditions, the crown is then visible. This further increases the efforts made to make the imitation look like the original. 

With the popularity of the original and the Rolex Yacht-Master II imitation, it is to be expected that many other imitations will come up; and they have. It is therefore important to understand the look and feel of the actual Rolex Yacht-Master II replica.